Brief Introduction

Mirzada was established in 2007 as MTC Logistics in Afghanistan in order to serve the United Nation’s need to distribute their aid products to every needy place inside Afghanistan territory. With a fleet operation of over 2000 trucks and tankers, having associated with major international groups Mirzada has fulfilled all the contract obligations till date and increasing their reach globally adapting to trading activities along with its trusted partners.

For over a decade, Mirzada has been the trusted leader of transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing and logistics throughout Afghanistan. Mirzada has worked with supreme food services including: ISAF (International Security Assistance Forces), and United Nations Government of Afghanistan, as well as a multitude of various national and international companies which include government and non-governmental organizations. With this array of integrated and multi-based customer based network, MTC has been able to develop and produce significant results.

With established offices and dedicated team members Mirzada Group is engaged in diversified fields of activities such as :

  • Company Representation, Facility Management Services
  • Logistics, warehouses, air cargo charter,
  • Oil Sector Supplies, Pipeline Services, Bunkering
  • Petroleum Exploration, Mining Exploration,
  • Trading in Commodities such as Food & Grain, Oil & Gas,
  • Mineral & Metal, Fertilizer & Petrochemical etc.


  • Mirzada employs highly sincere, trained team of professionals who standby through all projects duration with dedication. With the help of fully committed team, Mirzada aims to be the most reliable and trusted company to their valued client.

Warehouse and Distribution

  • Mirzada’s warehousing and warehouse logistics continue to expand to participate and to meet and/or exceed customer expectations. Mirzada offers contract and multi-client warehousing. Container loading and unloading, Truckload warehousing, Storage, etc.


  • Over time we have gained an enviable reputation in global sourcing of high quality granite, marble, limestone, slate and other natural stones. Granite Marble and Limestone, we stock some of the finest marble tiles in the world

Company Profile

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